12 things your Virtual Assistant could do for you!


1.     Diary Management is the bane of any business owners’ life! Your Virtual assistant (or VA) can help by making your appointments for you so that you avoid clashes, over committing yourself or forgetting appointments altogether. We can also be a point of contact for you so that you can focus on what you are trying to achieve without the distraction.

2.     Manage your social network campaigns on tools such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This is becoming an increasingly important way to promote a small business but staying on top of it is time consuming so why not give this task to your VA? They will be able to ensure that you are making best use of these powerful tools to promote your business.

3.     Many marketing tasks can also be done by a competent VA – jobs like editing or proof reading your articles or blogs, helping prepare e-newsletters or keeping mailing databases up to date.

4.     And talking of databases – when did you last check yours and make sure it is up to date. Folk move, leave companies and change their details. A good VA will be happy to call all your contacts and check that that the details you hold are correct. This applies to all lists and databases – including your Christmas card list.

5.     Why not let your VA handle your incoming calls? That great newsletter that we sent out is bound to generate incoming enquiries and hopefully the phone will be ringing off the hook so let your VA deal with that. They will answer questions and enquiries, book appointments where necessary and pass on any calls that you should have.

6.     Your VA will have financial skills so that they can do everything from basic bookkeeping to bank reconciliations and payroll. Many will also do more complicated financial tasks like VAT returns, budgeting and cash flow calculations. We can also pay invoices, chase outstanding payments and deal with incoming billing queries.

7.     Create customised forms and stationary templates that work for your business. These can include your logo, be in your house style and so will represent your business in a professional way.

8.     Have you decided not to do that important trade show because you can’t face the stress of organising the stand? A VA can help – with booking the space, organising the exhibit, finding temporary staff and even ordering cute giveaways!

9.     Remember that client or staff party you have been meaning to have for ages but keep putting off? Well why not let your VA organise it. We can do everything from helping you chose the venue to finding the caterers sending out the invitations and even finding a florist

10.  Remember that notebook with all your brilliant notes and ideas in it. (Is it really in the boot of your car?) Why not pass it over to your VA so that they can transcribe the notes and put them in order for you?

11.  Keep track of dates and other important information you need to remember. These don’t just have to be for your business but can be family birthdays, Mother’s day or even your wedding anniversary (I have even bought presents for these occasions!)

12.     Remember your VA can be an invaluable member of your team! LEAN ON THEM! That’s what they are there for and should be your left hand so that your right hand can be running your business… I have even been described as ‘other mother!’