Does it make sense to ask a Virtual Assistant to handle your calls?


We have talked about how time poor you are as a business owner. We know that you are trying to juggle too many things. So, it makes sense to use a VA service to answer your incoming calls.  Using a VA to handle your calls means you get the benefits of the digital age but keep the traditional model for your business. I am sure you have been are knee deep in an important project, or in a pitch meeting with a prospect or – heaven forbid – you are away on holiday. At the back of your mind the doubt that you are missing that great call. These days we all have voicemail but how many people like leaving messages?

 It would be better to have a real live human being answer your calls! Your virtual assistant can help. It is easy to set up a phone number which you can use this way. We would suggest you use a service such as MSP Phones. 

These are some points to consider when thinking about how your calls are handled

1.              By using a service such as the one we suggest, you have complete control over your phones. This means that you can answer calls yourself if it is convenient or forward calls to your VA if you aren't available

2.              We would recommend using a service which uses ‘whisper’ technology. This means that calls being forwarded have a brief announcement so that the operator knows who the call is for.

3.              Your caller will be talking to a person. So, they will get the personal touch they expect. A VA will answer your phone with a smile and engage with your caller. They are good listeners, too. A VA can adapt to the needs of callers, provide answers, obtain information, and requesting clarification. An answering machine or voicemail can’t do that.

4.              If your business gets standard enquiries you can provide a list of stock answers so that your virtual assistant can provide basic information thereby saving your time and hopefully winning you a new customer.

5.              For the calls which are more complex and need your input, your assistant can email you a phone message straight away. This means that you have all the information you need to make an intelligent callback.

6.              Most virtual assistants will also be able to assist you with online chat services, SMS messaging and other forms of communication.

7.              A VA can help with outgoing calls. Rather than being “on hold” for ages, or you’re fed up with phoning to get the quotes ask your VA to do it?  They can make calls to compare prices, obtain quotes, find out information, or respond to queries.

8.              You can also hire a VA to return customer calls with the required answers or information or to call business colleagues or partners with requested data.

At VTM we manage our time so that we only charge you for the time we are actually on the phone on your behalf. We use stop go timers which we click on and off as we start and stop a call. Unlike other companies we don’t ask for a minimum commitment in terms of time spent handling calls